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Automatic Synthesis of Electronic Circuits using Genetic Algorithms
Esteban Tlelo Cuautle, Miguel Aurelio Duarte Villaseñor, Carlos Alberto Reyes García, Gerardo Reyes Salgado;
Computación y Sistemas 2007 10(3)
Inglés Español
An automatic synthesis method based on the application of genetic algorithms (GAs) is described for the synthesis of voltage followers (VFs), which are designed using CMOS integrated circuit technology of 0.35µm. It is shown the usefulness of the nullor element to model the ideal behavior of the VF, and to codify its topology using a chromosome which is divided into four genes: gene of small-signal (genSS), gene of synthesis of the MOSFET (genSMos), gene of bias (genBias), and gene of synthesis of current mirrors (genCM); this last one to synthesize ideal current sources used in the biasing of the circuits with CMOS current mirrors. The proposed synthesis method has been programmed in MatLab, and it uses T-SPICE to evaluate the fitness of the VFs at the transistor level of abstraction. In this manner, the method selects the more appropriated VFs by elitism. Finally, it is shown the behavior of the GA to synthesize practical VFs. As a result, it is shown the synthesis of eight CMOS compatible VFs, and their applications are briefly discussed.

Palabras clave: Evolutionary electronics, circuit synthesis, voltage follower, nullor.
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