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Color Matching using Time Series Searching in Color Databases
E. M. Felipe Riveróna, J. G. Figuero Nazuno, A. F. Gutiérrez A. F. Gutiérrez, R. Barrón Fernández, F. I. Cervantes Alarcón;
Computación y Sistemas 2008 11(3)
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The goal of this paper is to document the use of time series in color matching. Although time series are not commonly used for this purpose, the results obtained, based on the principle of similarity in time series using the Euclidean distance, establish the validity of its use for color matching applications. The accuracy of color matching was based on the measures of reflectivity versus wavelength of samples given by a spectrophotometer. The error estimation was calculated using a database of 1001 elements. The matching module has been tested with six samples included and not included in the database. All of them gave an error lower than the estimated absolute error of 11.36.

Palabras clave: Time series; Color matching; Pattern recognition; Similarity; Color management systems.
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