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Inheritance, Generics and Binary Methods in Java
María Lucía Barrón Estrada, Ryan Stansifer;
Computación y Sistemas 2003 7(2)
Inglés Español
Java has adopted a mechanism to support parameterized types that will be available in the next major release. A draft specification to add generics to the JavaTM Programming Language was published two years ago [1] and a new version of it in June 23, 2003 [2]. An extension of the type system based on F-bounded quantification is proposed. A binary method is a method that has one or more parameters of the same type as the object that receives the message. F-Bounded polymorphism and binary methods can’t be combined smoothly in object-oriented languages with nominal subtyping and single dispatch [3]. In this paper, we address some problems that can arise when binary methods are needed in parameterized classes and interfaces in the implementation of a Java program.

Palabras clave: Binary methods, Inheritance, Java, Parameterized types.
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