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Agent Based Simulation in the Selection of Work Teams
Juan Martínez Miranda, Arantza Aldea, René Bañares Alcántara;
Computación y Sistemas 2004 7(3)
Inglés Español
When a new project starts in Industry, the correct selection of people to integrate a work team in order to develop that project is not trivial. The success of a project is greatly due to the personal responsibility of each member, but also to an adequate communication, collaboration and co-operation between the individual team members. In addition we consider that emotions play a critical role in rational decisionmaking, perception, human interaction, and human intelligence. Nowadays, the team selection process is typically done by one person (a manager) based on his/her past experience and his/her own information about the people’s competence and availability. We present an Agent based model to simulate the human behaviour in a work team and a first prototype that implement it. Some initial results are discussed and the future work is presented.

Palabras clave: Emotions Modelling, Social Simulation, Multi-Agent Systems, Human Performance Modelling.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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