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Routing with Wavelet-Based Self-Similarity Estimation
César Vargas Rosales, Luis J. Manzanero;
Computación y Sistemas 2004 8(2)
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The discovery of self-similar behavior in data traffic has initiated strong research in the area of traffic modeling. However, the way it affects the routing process is a subject not yet studied. This work presents the idea of providing intelligence to routers by estimating the Hurst Parameter using wavelets in a data link and uses this value as part of the routing metric. The motivation is to keep packets from using paths with high values of the Hurst Parameter, since in those paths the traffic tends to be bursty and therefore being more probable to drop packets and increase delay due to congestion. The algorithm is implemented for the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocol in a simulation environment. Numerical results show that this technique is useful to provide traffic with low values of end-to-end delay and with smaller variance than those obtained when using traditional routing protocols.

Palabras clave: Self-similarity, Routing, Traffic.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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