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Two robust techniques for segmentation of biomedical images
Roberto Rodríguez, Patricio J. Castillo, Valia Guerra, Ana G. Suárez, Ebroul Izquierdo;
Computación y Sistemas 2006 9(4)
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Image segmentation plays an important role in many systems of computer vision. According to criterions of many authors the segmentation finishes when it satisfies the goals of the observer. For that reason, an only method there is not able of solving all the problems that exists in the present time. In this work, we carry out a comparison between two segmentation techniques; namely, through the mean shift, where we give a new algorithm, and by using spectral methods. In the paper we discuss, through examples with biomedical real images, the advantages and disadvantages of them.

Palabras clave: Image segmentation, mean shift, spectral methods.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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