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Fiber morphology in fast growth Gmelina arborea plantations
Róger Moya Roque, Mario Tomazelo Fo, Edwin Canessa Amador;
Madera y Bosques 2007 13(2)
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Gmelina arboreais planted in large areas of forest with the objective of producing solid wood usingwell known silvicultural techniques and taking advantage of the properties of the wood quality of fast-growingtree species managed in short rotation systems. The aim of this study was to analyze the morphology anddimension of fibers from the pith to the bark in trees from fast growth plantations in northern Costa Rica. The results indicate that fiber morphology is irregular in both diameter and shape; with 1 to 4septa, abundant crystals deposited in fiber lumina and minutely bordered pits with oblique and non-vestured apertures. Fiber length, width and cell wall thickness increased with tree age in the earlystages. Lumen diameter was not correlated with tree age.

Palabras clave: Fiber width, lumen diameter, cell wall thickness, fiber length.
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