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Pacific white shrimp were fed diets containing esterified and saponified carotenoids obtained from red chili extracts. The pigmenting effect of these carotenoids was compared with a non-pigment supplemented control diet and synthetic astaxanthin (Carophyll Pink) supplemented diet. After 14 days the shrimp showed that the diet containing 250 mg/kg of esterified carotenoids produced a better pigmentation effect in the exoskeleton and a slightly lower pigmentation effect in the abdomen than astaxanthin. These results suggest that capsanthin, which accounts for around 40% of the total carotenoids in red chili extracts, is metabolized and deposited as astaxanthin in the abdomen and exoskeleton of Pacific white shrimp.

Palabras clave: red chili extracts, astaxanthin, Pacific white shrimp, pigmentation.
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