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Hompolymers of poly(dymethylsiloxane) terminated with one methyl methacrylate end group (PDMS-MA) were synthesized by conventional free radical polymerization. The crucial step to polymerize the commercial PDMSMA macromonomers was their purification using a free radical pre-polymerization technique. The separation of homopolymer and unreacted PDMS-MA macromonomer was achieved by precipitation in a mixture of diethyl ether/methanol (1:1). Kinetic studies of homopolymerization yielded the ratio between rate of propagation and termination (kp/kt ½). This ratio decreased with increasing the molecular weight of the macromonomers. The apparent rate of propagation was proportional to [I]2.2 and [M] for appropriate polymerizations conditions. The ceiling temperature were calculated for macromonomers with Mn = 1 and 5 Kg/mol, to be Tc= 160°C at [M1]= 0.88 and [M5]= 0.11 mol/L, for both homopolymers.

Palabras clave: Macromonomer, Poly(dimethylsiloxane), free radical polymerization, homopolymerization, purification, pre-polymerization, polymerization, kinetic, ceiling temperature.
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