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The effects of culture medium formulations on the kinetics of infective juvenile (IJ) production of the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae, were studied in submerged monoxenic culture in orbitally agitated cylindrical bottles using four culture media containing agave juice from Agave spp. among other ingredients. The IJ production kinetics was well modelled through a re-parameterised 3-parameter Gompertz model with kinetic parameters: IJ-lag phase, &#955;IJ (d), maximum IJ-stage conversion rate, mmax (&#8801;[d(CIJ/CIJ,0)/dt]max) (d-1), and IJ-multiplication factor, (CIJ/CIJ,0)max (-), with values within the ranges 14 d < &#955;IJ < 16 d; 33 d-1 < mmax < 241 d-1 and 66 (-) < (CIJ/CIJ,0)max < 611 (-), respectively. It was apparent that maximum values of mmax and (CIJ/CIJ,0)max were obtained in medium A4 (27.6 % (v/v) agave juice, 1.7 % (w/v) yeast extract, 1.2 % (w/v) dried egg yolk, 2.5 % (v/v) corn oil). Also, the maximum average IJ concentration (249,444 per mL) was achieved in A4- fermentations.

Palabras clave: entomopathogenic nematode, culture medium, fat/carbohydrates ratio, carbohydrates/protein ratio, agave juice, modelling.
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