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Evaluación del crecimiento y supervivencia en larvas de camarón blanco Litopenaeus vannamei usando como fuente de alimento microalgas vivas y congeladas

This research work looked at the survival and growth rates of the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei larvae when fed on the live and the commercial frozen and concentrate produced by INLAND seafarm® microalgae Tetraselmis sp. Protozoea (PZ1-PZ3) larvae stages were chosen for this experiment. The experiments were done in CIAD-Mazatlan facilities at control laboratory conditions at 28°C, a salinity of 35 and with a 12 h light /dark photoperiod. Nauplii were cultured in 2 L round bottom flasks at a density of 150 L-1. Each treatment was tested in 3 replicates for each stage (PZ1, PZ2 and PZ3). The density of microalgae administrated was 50,000 cell/ml. After moulting took place, the live organisms were counted and their length measured. The highest survival percentage and growth registered was in the larvae fed on the live microalgae 97.3 ±4.6 en PZI, 94.1 ± 2.13 en PZ2 y 30.7±12.6 en PZ3). However, this result does not achieve the same results as for other microalgae species such as Chaetoceros muelleri e Isochrysis galbana.