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Ética y responsabilidad social en las organizaciones actuales

Our reflection presented here revolves around the need to consider modern organizations as socially responsible entities, as institutions capable of generating and transmitting new ethical values, to be applied not only within organizations themselves, but also in the wider social framework that incorporates them. Notwithstanding, organizations have been traditionally considered in a markedly instrumental sense, being perceived as mere reflections of the existing social values, justifying then their "peculiar way of doing things". From this instrumental perspective, organizations have been also seen as business units created to produce benefits. In this work, the authors adopt a finalistic perspective in the consideration of organizations, believing that they must be, more than any other thing, entities capable of creating new values and psychological, social, and economic well-being. From this new approach, the way organizations must assume their social responsibility changes radically, just as the way they should behave from an ethical viewpoint