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Tratamento da pseudo-artrose do terço distal do rádio

The authors presented a prospective study of four patients presenting pseudarthrosis at the distal third of the radius. Two patients were females and two were males, aged between 29 and 51 years with a mean age of 42.5 year old. The diagnosis of pseudarthrosis was provided within an average of 5.3 months after trauma. One patient presented as personal morbid history, epilepsy and osteoporosis, two patients were smokers and obese, and the fourth had an open fracture. The treatment consisted of internal osteosynthesis and autogenous bone graft. All patients were submitted to pre- and post operative clinical evaluation for palmar holding force and movement arch of the wrist. 100% of the radius distal-third fractures in pseudarthrosis have been united, with all patients returning to their respective professional activities.
Keywords: Pseudarthrosis; Fractures, Ununited; Radius fractures.