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Factores endógenos y exógenos de mujeres y hombres emprendedores de España, Estados Unidos y México

This research identifies the endogenous and exogenous factors involved in the setting up of an enterprise by entrepreneurial men and women, as well as the utilization of technology within that same enterprise. A questionnaire was designed including the endogenous dimensions of motivation and opportunities; the exogenous factors considered include entrepreneurial culture; as well as variables in the use of electronic media; education level and entrepreneurial training. Samples for this research were gathered in Andalucia, Spain; Distrito Federal, Mexico and South West Border Texas, United States, with a total of 300 entrepreneurial individuals, 100 per country. Regarding the findings, women have obtained a higher mark than men in the endogenous variables. In the exogenous variables, differences have showed only in the importance entrepreneurs grant to educational programs and their access to financing, where, likewise, women have obtained higher median values than men. The utilization of technology is more prevalent by male entrepreneurs. Likewise, it has been found that women have a wider entrepreneurial training.
Keywords: Female entrepreneurs, gender, equality, discrimination, motivations and opportunities.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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