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"Una nueva copa en un nuevo país" Intervenciones urbanas y creación de ciudades para el Mundial de Fútbol Brasil 2014

This article discusses the intense interventions of contemporary urban restructuring that have contributed to the construction of the National Brand and their impact on the city and its spaces. The architecture of cities is of strategic importance in the construction of a national image which seeks to benefit from the contemporary global market. At the same time it can also constitute a threat to the autonomy of cities, giving rise to new centers of power between local, national and international structures. Mega-events become the new strategy for national economic interests in a global sphere, and urban interventions become key tactics in the rebranding of the nation in this context. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is a living example of these global dynamics which legitimize a positive and strong "idea of the nation", recognized internationally as "Brazil takes off". We seek to demonstrate that the implications of such market strategies remain open to debate. They are paradoxical, dynamic and subject to the reversal of values. They imply the succession of the private over the public and the international over the local, with real risks over the long-term autonomy and legitimacy of the permanent construction of cities.
Keywords: city, urbanization, nation brand, events, globalization