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Listado avifaunístico de un matorral espinoso tamaulipeco del noreste de México

We present a list of the avifauna of a Tamaulipan thornscrub area in Tamaulipas, Mexico. We found 171 species grouped into 42 families, from 1999 to 2005. The most well represented families were Anatidae (21 species), Accipitridae (17) and Emberizidae (13). Ninety one species were residents and 80 were migrants. Tamaulipan thornscrub provides sanctuary zones, nesting, feeding, rest as much for the resident bird species as migratory. This study is a contribution for the knowledgement of the birds associated to Tamaulipan thornscrub and northeastern region of Tamaulipas, adding two species to the inventory for this region.