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Perfil preliminar del mercado de la zábila (aloe barbadensis mill.) en el estado falcón, Venezuela

Aloe (Aloe barbadensis Mill.) marketing in Falcon State, Venezuela The participation of Falcon State, Venezuela, on the aloe’s market, estimated in more of US $ 105 thousand millions has gradually decreased. The main reasons being the no adequacy of the production of primary and intermediate goods to the quality standard (size, weight and agronomic management) demanded by the agroindustry, as well as for isolated problems related to the procedure of deliveries. This has practically forced at market agents to established strong bows client-supplier that forms a scheme of imperfect monopsony that limits the entry of new agents in this market. The previous situation derives in a position of disadvantage of the farmers, which has motivated the accomplishment of a research project orientated to know the current structure and functioning of aloe’s market in Falcon State, and its interrelationships with the rest of the domestic and international market. It was found that, regardless of the effort devoted by several public and private sectors, aloe is still a marginal crop in Falcón State, with a high but scarcely used potential