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70 anos do curso de pedagogia no Brasil: uma análise a partir da visão de dezessete pedagogos primordiais

Based on the view of seventeen primordial pedagogues, this study surveyed characteristics from the beginning of the course and the changes it underwent. It also points out the predominant view on pedagogy as a field of knowledge and training process to discuss its position within the academic field. Participants were deliberately chosen, from predefined profiles and criteria, to ensure they would form a group representing the early stages of the course and of the educational field in Brazil. The methodological approach focused on the analysis of statements collected through semi-structured interviews. Such analysis revealed aspects that point out how the course has been building up among us and the conflicting, albeit important, position is has occupied in the sphere of academic education.
Palabras clave: Pedagogy Course in Brazil, Primordial pedagogues, Pedagogue training.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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