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Aprendizaje de los conceptos de masa, peso y gravedad. Investigación de la efectividad de un modelo analógico

The line of investigation on the processes of education and scientific learning based on analogical models has acquired relevance, but we noticed that the applications in the classroom are few, mainly in the middle level of education. The analogical didactic models are an important tool for instruction provided that the teacher and the pupils acquire a shared vision on the analogies and their described limitations compared with the theoretical model. The learner is expected to be aware of his mental processes and cognitive operations, so that he can evaluate his own progress, including an understanding of his own learning process, that is to say, of his epistemological essences. In this work the efficiency of an analogical didactic model for the teaching of the mass, weight and gravity concepts is evaluated by means of a correlation quasi-experimental study, with postest and group control.
Keywords: active learning; teaching strategies; mass; weight and gravity; analogical models.
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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