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Estudio de corte de películas plásticas sobre suelos acolchados

In this study requirement energy is determined to cut plastic film that is used in mulched grounds, the suitable profile of blade, and optimal depth to cut film, that will be used for design the cut element from a transplanter. Two types of plastics were analyzed; 30 ¿m and 23 ¿m thickness, respectively, four different edges from blade; smooth type and gear, two different grounds; argillaceous and sandy, and two speeds of blade; 1 mm·s-1 and 10 mm·s-1. For tests, the ground was put in a tray and on him was placed the plastic test piece. The cut blade was placed on the arm of an equipment of texture analysis, Microsystems TaxT2, and when moving it cuts the plastic. It is generated thus information of force and deformation that is sent to software xtrad dimension texturemeter, obtaining the parameters before mentioned. Of that information is integrate the unitary energy (J·mm-1) that needs exclusively for the plastic cut. The blades with gear edges show better performance, and are fundamental factor to consider at design time, since the variables of plastic, ground and speed show little influence in the phenomenon.
Keywords: Transplanter, Mechanical Design, bare root, Fragaria vesca.