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An Azospirillum strain from Cenchrus echinatus roots was isolated, and a pure culture of the strain was used as inoculum to induce root growth in Capsicum chinense seedlings. The inoculum concentration effects were evaluated on seeds germination rate, radicular system, and shoots growth. The inoculated seeds germination occurred a day before non inoculated seeds. An increase (P<0.001) in terciary, and secondary root number, and in shoot growth was obtained. A significative difference of seedlings growth (P< 0.01) in sterilized and non sterilized, soil was observed. The optimal inoculum size were 3 x 107 fcu ml-1 and 1 x 107 fcu ml-1. It is suggested that inoculum size has played an important role as modulator of indigenous microorganisms interactions.

Palabras clave: Azospirillum sp., biofertilization, C. chinense, inoculatión.
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