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Au doping of CdS polycrystalline films prepared by co-sputtering of CdS–Cd-Au targets
M. Becerril, H. Silva-López, O. Zelaya-Angel, J.R. Vargas-García;
Superficies y vacío 2012 25(4)
Au doped CdS polycrystalline films were grown on Corning glass substrates at room temperature by co-sputtering from a CdS–Cd–Au target. Elemental Cd and Au were placed onto the CdS target covering small areas. The electrical, structural, and optical properties were analyzed as a function of Au content. The Au doped CdS polycrystalline films showed a ptype semiconductor nature. It was found that the electrical resistivity drops and the carrier concentration increases as a consequence of Au incorporation within the CdS lattice. In both cases, the changes were of several orders of magnitude.

Palabras clave: Thin films, CdS, Sputtering, X-Ray.
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Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
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