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en: Training of the population is vital for the process of disasters reduction in communities; this is part of the preparation of a society with this purpose. The authors of this essay reflected about continuing education in the process of Cuban experience. A theoretical analysis about the object of study was performed; this was imbricated with the regulations established by the authorities designated for doing that in Cuba. It was concluded that the multidimensionality of disaster reduction process requires transdisciplinarity in training; this must be permanent, differentiated and staggered, involving the entire educational system and especially higher education; the curriculum of the different modalities of improvement must be properly grounded and focused on the continuous progress of science and the specific requirements of the development of society.>>>
Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo
Anabela del Rosario Criollo Criollo
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Uvaldo Recino Pineda
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Carlos Gafas González
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Diego Barahona Rivadeneira
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en: In this paper we present the results of a qualitative research completed in Hermosillo, Sonora, by means of in-depth interviews to 15 subjects (men and women over range of 21 to 70 years old). The objective of this research was to know the configuration of the political culture of citizens facing the tragic event of ABC Day Care Center in which 49 children died and 76 have remained with wounds serious, at year 2009. A transformation of the political culture is noticed on the subjects mainly in the increasing perception and denouncing of public risks and safety practices; emotions such as “doubt”, “fear” and “courage” permeate the relationship between the State and civil society.>>>
Martha Alejandra Flores Cuamea
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Guillermo Núñez Noriega
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en: As a result of the geographic conditions and vulnerability, the población of Angangueo, Michoacán suffered human losses and material damage during the extraordinary rains of February 2010. As a reconstructive measure, government authorities relocated the population that was injured. The investigation showed that the relocated population has faced new risks while was moved to an area with hydrogeological trheats, and the relocation proyect was desingned and implemented improperly by the null social participation, resulting in them significance of dissatisfaction it has delayed the process of adaptation in the new settlement and has extended disaster recovery.>>>
Hugo Ignacio
El Colegio de Michoacán, A.C
Alicia Cuevas Muñiz
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Aideé Arellano Ceballos
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en: The article analyzes a flood in Argentina and the responses of some artistic groups to it. Two cases were taken comparatively, “La marca del agua” and “Volver a habitar”, in order to see the differences in post-disaster interventions. The hermeneutics of discourse theory helped to adjust the methodology, inquiring about ways of processing dislocation from practices, linguistic texts and works of art. The antagonistic interventions varied their significance according to the context in which they were inserted, while those directed to the re-construction of the catastrophe, fostered solidarity and friendship.>>>
Verónica Cecilia Capasso
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María Antonia Muñoz
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en: This article discusses the relationship between neoliberalization practices and disaster, from flooding in Cuautitlan, metropolis of Mexico. This is how powerful groups (state and private actors) influence the change in land use. Industrial and real estate, activity causes social and environmental vulnerability, coupled with natural hazards, possible stage risk / disaster and the emergence of multiple socio-political actors. To account for this, use of a series of group interviews, a review of newspaper reports, documents and official data is made.>>>
Oscar Adán Castillo Oropeza
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en: In 1985 two earthquakes showed the vulnerability of Mexico City. One of the most affected housing areas was Nonoalco-Tlatelolco. From that experience urban popular movements emanated. Their main concern was the housing problem, but their actions helped transform citizenship in the Federal District. At the federal level, a system of civil protection for disaster prevention and emergency management was created. Three decades after the above mentioned disaster, this paper analyzes the institutional and organizational vulnerability, based on the case of Tlatelolco. The achievements and progress to protect the population in case of a future disaster are questioned, both in terms of institutional civil protection and of social organization.>>>
Liliana López Levi
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Alejandra Toscana Aparicio
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en: The resettlement of people to the sustainable rural city generates a deterritorialization process of population from their country of origin, and simultaneously a reterritorialization process in the new territory. The State has a logic of how to live and people for their part expressed through territorial housing its own logic, in this process people face changes that are evident in their identity. For this work, housing is exposed as a symbol of identity.>>>
Martha Liliana Arévalo Peña
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en: The vulnerability of rural communities as Chabihau, in the municipality of Yobain, Yucatan, is associated to relationship between society and nature, where man creates hazardous conditions in managing their environment and resources relationship. Through the relationship between society and nature, man creates hazardous conditions when land management are not considered the influence of certain natural phenomena, particularly intense. From the moment in which a social group sits in a given environment, it is modified through cultural practices that serve adaptation and, in some cases, conditions of vulnerability that have developed over time are set. From the moment in which a social group sits in a given environment, this is modified, which promotes cultural practices that serve to adapt to their environment and at the same time, conditions of vulnerability that have developed over time. The process of settlement on the coast of Yucatan has set scenarios vulnerability to hurricanes due to environmental degradation of the coast, for example, erosion, pollution of the marsh and destruction of mangrove areas.>>>
Gertrudis Guzmán Noh
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Juan Manuel
El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, A.C.
en: A case study is presented, it include four locations in Tacotalpa,Tabasco, Mexico. There are social vulnerability and the need to rescue the biocultural heritage, defined by the people who recognize it in their community and everyday stories. The method was documentation review and participatory strategic planning workshops, towards disaster risk management and local development. The group work propose rescue knowledge about traditional agriculture. Local strategic planning provides elements to collective construction of biological and cultural heritage as well as related and integrated participatory ways for performing a local development plan, towards their conservation, but also everyday life with sustainability.>>>
Guadalupe del Carmen Álvarez Gordillo
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Ricardo A. Pino Hidalgo
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en: The multidimensional poverty measure observes the income, up to six deprivations and the inhabitant zone. Each dimension is expressed by one pie-graphic, but also the interaction between any two of them could be explained by this graphic as a pie. As a proposal of this paper, it is constructed a pie that explain three interactions. The main point is poverty in its display and understanding, three themes are joined in a draw. This is a new graphic in a shape of pie. Always done as a pizza slices, the pie is modified to express different point of view with new cake slices. The purpose of the modification is to combine pies, one in circle sense and the new one in concentric sense; the concentric sense use central minor circles and consecutive rings around it. Both senses in a single pie do what is going to be the bidimensional pie; three dimensions will be called three dimensions display. The first application is done with poverty data, the social objective; the three dimensions pie improves explanation and comprehension to the social matter.>>>
Sergio de la Vega Estrada
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Jazmín Hernández Moreno
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Alberto Trejo Amezcua
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