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en: The article analyzes the functioning of the Athenian assembly during the fifth century BC, taking into account the effects of the use of persuasive speech and the thinking process that was developed in this collective space. In this light, the ways of public participation are considered comparing them with the audience performance in the theater. The hypothesis of a homology between assembly and theater is also proposed. Finally, it is emphasized the role of the emotional matter in the decision-making process.>>>
Julián Gallego
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en: In this paper, I examine two closely related passages from the first half of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Θ (1047a24-29 and 1048a11-16) and seek to demonstrate through them that, according to him, we may have the capacity for doing an action that happens to be impossible in a given situation. This thesis complements another equally important thesis, namely, that it may be possible for us to do an action that we are incapable of doing. The two theses evince that for Aristotle the concepts of capacity and possibility in the first five chapters of Metaphysics Θ are independent from each other. But although the latter thesis has been studied in some detail by Stephen Makin in his recent commentary on Θ, the former thesis has not received all the attention it deserves>>>
en: Latin epitaphs dedicated to women of all condition often praise the virtues, mainly domestic, of some exemplary puellae and matronae. However, masculine values considered like strength, sense of justice, or eloquence are occasionally underlined in carmina epigraphica as well as in prose inscriptions, with a mainly consoling aim which, above all in Christian inscriptions, is used to complete a new model of behavior.>>>
Ma. Teresa Muñoz García de Iturrospe
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en: Catullus’ poem 59 has received minor attention from specialized critics, probably due to its fragmentary nature and wide obscenity. It is also so, because of the place that the poem occupies in the collection, as well as being addressed to an ill-reputed woman who only appears once in the whole corpus. Nonetheless, the verses from this poem belong completely to the Catullian universe, given its content and compositional technique.>>>
en: From the texts of authors of Classical Antiquity (De abstinentia by Porphyry and De re coquinaria attributed to Apicius, among others), this paper analyzes the notion of pure food and their implication in the diet and over it. First, it studies the concept of diet, as a part of the therapeutic, that is, one of the medical instruments to restore health. For ancient Greeks and Romans, in addition to healthy eating, rest and exercise, the diet includes baths and purges; both elements are related to the idea of purity. Secondly, this paper shows the Latin terms that are used to describe pure food, crudus, recens, viridis and purus, specifically in the cases of olive oil and honey, which are considered the pure foods most characteristics. To conclude, pure food requires neither cooking nor preservation for consumption, and also can be consumed without mixing or adding any element to the product itself. In consequence, the notion of purity is associated not only with a dietetic domain, but this notion also reaches ethical and metaphoric dimensions.>>>
Amalia Lejavitzer Lapoujade
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Silvia Alejandra Brito Marín
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Alejandra González Jiménez
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Giuditta Cavalletti
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Martha Patricia Irigoyen Troconis
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