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en: In this paper the quality management information system technology in Public Organizations Department of Sucre-Colombia is analyzed. The research was conducted under the positivist, empirical, descriptive philosophy and a non-experimental, cross-sectional, field design. The population consisted of technological managers and/or technology responsible for twelve (12) mayoralties. The sample not probabilistic and for convenience, consisted of twenty-one (21) directors and leaders of technology and it of Public Institutions of that department. A questionnaire was applied with Likert scale with 39 items closed questions. The results were categorized according to a previously established scale, the main conclusion points towards implementing guidelines to the effective development of the principles of quality management in the information technology system within public organizations.>>>
Jesús Cendros Guasch
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Juan Manuel Torres Tovio
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Ángel Pinto Mangones
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en: Political culture is a social construct, to which sociology contribute substantially. It defines conditions by which citizens express their acceptance or non- political processes in a democratic society. This paper analyzes, from the National Survey of Political Culture National Institute of Geography and Statistics inegi 2012, certain variables related to certain characteristics of young Mexicans about its political culture. Some results of the survey indicate that young respondents, are not interested in politics, but prefer to live in a country with a democratic government.>>>
Ángel Manuel Ortiz Marín
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en: In this paper it is revealed a wide “winning coalition” in the lviii Legislature of the Congress of Mexico state headed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party ( pri ) and integrate other four parties: National Action Party ( pan ), Party of the Democratic Revolution ( prd ), Ecologist Green Party of Mexico ( pvem ) and New Alliance ( na ). The aim of this coalition is not to build a majority but give legitimacy to initiatives in congress voted. The position of each of the parties represented in the Congress of Mexico state is also described in terms of vote for, vote against, abstentions and no vote. This coalition is unique in that, unlike the existing national competitiveness, reflected in alternation, in Mexico state the dominant party system has taken a new equilibrium point.>>>
Cirilo García Luna
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en: The article aims to analyze the social policy formulated in Venezuela (1999-2012) through the methodical and critical processing of key documents (plans, programs, laws, official documents) and, incidentally, some of the most important speeches concerning the government perspective of those years. The study of formulated sociall policy is an important piece for the analysis of social policy as a whole since the quality of the formulations affects the chances of success of the policy actually executed and it helps to explain some of the shortcomings which were held in Venezuela in this period. It is concluded that there was little systematic broad for social policy: it lacked a developed and explicit situational analysis serve as a basis for prioritizing problems tending to be provided vague proposals, little hierarchized and insufficiently linked to real social management.>>>
Carlos Aponte Blank
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en: The purpose of this article is to analyze the methodological complementarity as integration strategy approaches in social research. This study summarizes the performance of complementarity with emphasis on the methodological dimension and guides the classification and practice of multimethod designs. This involves the previous review of the theoretical foundations of complementarity, the examination of the multimethod perspective for integrating approaches in social research, closing with the identification of the technical operative strategies that enable the methodological integration. It is concluded that the production of knowledge from complementarity is possible, by performing multimethod studies, a practical for the integration of quantitative and qualitative perspectives expressed through the combination, triangulation or complementation from the methods.>>>
en: The aim of this paper is to analyze the formation of the Organization of Women Ecologists of the Sierra of Petatlan ( omesp ) based on a bet that combines on one hand, an approach to historical field and, secondly, the gender perspective. The intention of this analysis is to contribute to the discussion about ecofeminism, ecology feminism, ecofeminism illustrated and feminist environmentalism. I take as a historical product omesp to study the participation of women and men in the struggle for their common lands and forests through the spaces of gender respect of long historical processes. Realizing the changes and continuities in gender relations that have involved the development of this organization. Finally I argue that environmentalist’s women while political subject are the product of historically differential relations regarding participation in public space.>>>
Misael Sabás Vargas Vázquez
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en: In Mexico, the information policy was originally established in 1993, being determined various key indicators, which served as a basis to develop and implement programs, projects and strategies aimed at increasing telecommunications infrastructure and technology, as well as expand connectivity, promote the use of information technology and provide access to broadband Internet. However, twenty years after the first computer policy, the high cost of services, low access speed and reduced digital skills remain key points that claim to be served, gradual but through concrete actions, so that results are obtained.>>>
Gabriela Quintanilla Mendoza
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en: This research aims at implementing a model the Political Life Cycle Product , in this case the candidate; which relied on the theoretical foundations of authors like Kotler, Armstrong, Mayorga, Vargas and Contreras provides a rough framework for this phenomenon. With the application to the figure of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as a candidate for the presidency of Mexico by the coalition of leftist parties in 2006 and 2012, are achieved observe the phases that are postulated in this proposal, obtaining a new tool help to analyze such political phenomenon. Thus, by applying the model, you can see an explanatory descriptive scheme where shown at first stages that comprise it and secondly the candidate application, serving as an example of this model.>>>
José Trinidad Bedoya Santos
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Araceli Colín García
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