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This article considers firstly the wide range of activities spearheaded by the Office of Inter - American Affairs (OIAA) in Brazil and the significance of this wartime institution . The OIAA was created in 1940 and headed by Nelson A. Rockefeller to combat Axis inroads into the South of the Western Hemisphere and deepen U.S. influence in the region. Toward this end it was engaged in a variety of spheres, including finance, commerce, a nd manufacturing industry, communications and mass media, culture and education. Its politics in Brazil, the most important hemispheric partner moreover, serves to illustrate the intertwining of economy, politics, and culture in United States foreign polic y, especially towards Latin America. Secondly, the article will also show 182 that the Brazilian government – rather than being a passive recipient of dictums from Washington – worked hard to appropriate the O IAA’s agenda to the demands of its own interests in the ongoing nation - building process. In this context the article will ask whether the discourse of brasilidade , the state - controlled construction of a national identity, was a counterweight to the transfer of American Way of Life and of American values to Brazil. Hence, this text will discuss the Brazilian as well as the U.S. - American perspective.

Palabras clave: United States, Brazil, Office of Inter - American Affairs, americanization, brasilidade.
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