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en: Opening the Library and Information Science to Humanities and Social Sciences. Meeting point at the 120 years of FILO [Filo: 120]. In this Editorial, on the occa - sion of the 120th anniversary of creation of the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras at the Universidad de Buenos Aires [Filo: 120], the contributions of Library and Informa - tion Science (LIS) are analyzed to disciplinary field of Human Sciences. The LIS, precisely because of its rich duality between the Humanities and Social Sciences, is set as an area in a “state of openness” to these fields. Among the various points of confluence or cultural articulations that this discipline can provide, the following are mentioned: the breadth of its concept of “shared territoriality”; its ability to foster “creative marginality”; its intentionality manifested by the multidisciplinary practice; its professional practice of bibliographic and regulatory nature; its discursive cohe-rence to avoid fragmentation and fragmentation of the objects of study; its close link with the academic and popular knowledge; among many others. The Editorial ends with a reflection on the ability of the LIS to link both transversely and diagonally, the whole of the Humanities and Social Sciences.>>>
Alejandro E. Parada
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en: The History of Book and Reading in Colombia: A Historical Assessment. In a research field to be explored yet as is the history of the print culture and reading in Colom - bia, we discuss the main contributions achieved up to now, trying to classify them by historical trends that, from its methodological and theoretical approaches, allow us to explore the practical and symbolic meanings embodied by the “book” and the “reading” in a specific context.>>>
Alfonso Rubio Hernández
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en: He alth professionals as information sources: A qualitative s tudy about pediatric information. The article describes how medical information is perceived by a group of mothers who practice attachment parenting when the information is provided by health professionals. Data were collected through 21 semi-structured interviews and the auto-ethnographic experience of one of the authors. Two major themes emerged. Firstly, the participants experience an informational conflict as a consequence of their interaction with health staff. The information they receive from the pediatri - cian may clash with both internal and external information sources, including some trusted information sources such as other doctors. Secondly, the information obtained from health professionals is influenced by the doctor – patient relationship that the participants perceive as unequal. Within this unequal relationship, patients are unable to contribute all the information they could and receive some information negatively. These phenomena are described and analyzed within the relevant literature and quo - ting significant fragments of the interviews.>>>
Michela Montesi
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Belén Álvarez Bornstein
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en: he Relationship Between Academic Success and University Libraries: An Analysis of the Loans at a Brazilian University. This research aims to analyze the relationship between academic success and university libraries investigating whether the use of libraries and, particularly, of their loan services have concrete effects on the level of success in academic careers. We resorted to a case study by Central Library from Caixias do Sul University, making use of the testimonies of nine former students with outstanding academic performance between 2005 and 2012, along with data provided by the Library management system related to their book loans and that of their class colleagues. Our conclusions highlight that students attribute a highly relevant role to the Library in their learning and success in studies. It can also be perceived that there is a relationship between their average academic performance and the number of loans. The results we obtained suggest that the university library contributes to academic success.>>>es: El objet ivo de esta investigación es analizar la relación entre el éxito académico y la biblioteca universitaria, con la intencionalidad de verificar si existen efectos específicos debido al uso de esta institución y, en especial, de los préstamos domiciliarios como un factor de éxito en la trayectoria de los académicos. Para ello se tomó, como caso y objeto de estudio, la Biblioteca Central de la Universidad de Caxias do Sul (Brasil); se emplearon los informes de nueve ex estudiantes graduados con mejor desempeño académico entre los años 2005 y 2012, sus datos de préstamo de libros, así como las informaciones de sus respectivos cursos, proporcionados por el sistema de gestión de la biblioteca. Se observó, como resultado final, que los estudiantes entrevistados atribuían un papel relevante a la biblioteca tanto en el aprendizaje como en el éxito de sus estudios, ya que fue posible percibir una relación entre el rendimiento acadé - mico promedio y el número de préstamos. Los resultados obtenidos sugieren que la biblioteca universitaria contribuye al éxito académico.>>>
Marcos Leandro Freitas Hübner
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Pedro Ivo Silveira Andretta
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en: Indirec t causes, reasons or circumstances of scriptural portability in human skin . From the origins of human development, we have found traces, which show an intrinsic need of the symbolic marking on the skin, in the beginning mainly images, and then any writing system. The objective of this descriptive study is to identify what are the main causes, reasons or circumstances that human skin is used as a writing surface. Some results are the followings: the skin of the human body is used: a) for reasons beyond the control of the individual; b) personal motivations; and, c) still undefined circumstances, that is, for reasons of extreme vulnerability of the person. Some conclusions are: 1) from the three categories mentioned it depends on the type of writing; 2) thresholds from primitive human being, it has had the need to express, to distinguish individually or collectively, by painting or tattooing, both definitive and temporarilly. The skin is one of the means, not only to carry images but also to show some form of writing (letters, numbers, words, text); 3) this study, as first approach, may be a window of oppor - tunity to deepen the subject.>>>
Celso Martínez Musiño
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en: Thre e global perspectives in Library and Information Science . Three perspec - tives of Library and Information Science (LIS) are discussed: The first one is about the increasingly nearness between the point of view of the librarian and of the user about their information needs and information-seeking strategies; the second perspective points out on the Latin American position regarding more developed countries; the third one, states LIS needs to permanently ask itself about its ontological and epistemological foundations. The perspectives are examined taking into account its global aspects, because of the character - istics of the dynamics of the relations between individuals and societies, as that is what the current context requires.>>>
Ivalú Ramírez Ibarra
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en: Reading, library and social inclusion: The importance of promoting reading in riverside communities in Amazonas, Brazil. Reading is a key factor for life in society, yet there are people who have not appropriated this habit. This theme has been the focus of various research and academic and scientific events, always with the intention of making it accessible to all. Brazil is known for its huge extension, but suffers from inefficiency in the implementation of this type of projects. The State of Amazonas occupies the largest land area of the country; in addition, the river transport is the only way to access to many communities. The article describes developed activities with the intention of bringing the reading to the riverside communities in an attempt to democratize access to books and reading in the absence of public libraries, contrib - uting to the process of informational inclusion in the current society of informationand knowledge where the issue of reading is a challenge even if it is an essential condition, there are illiterate people who need to be included in order to guarantee their participation as citizens.>>>
Thiago Giordano de Souza Siqueira
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